A call for sources

It’s been close to a year (somewhat) since I started this project and I have gotten places. However, I’m now a graduate student at the University of Southern California.

I have a capstone project for my final semester in grad school. I decided I want to continue my project about minor league life, because, of course. This is what I love writing about the most.

But: I’m focusing on offseason life. How do they make ends meet? Do they go abroad or stay Stateside? Do they go home or stay close to training facilities? Is there a difference in the offseason life of American ballplayers and foreign players? What keeps them going to another season?

I’m hoping to find a couple of voices for my capstone so that there’s variance in the amount of stories. Here’s where the audience comes in: do you know of a minor leaguer who works in the offseason to make ends meet? Or of a minor leaguer who has another career in the offseason?

Contact me at jenmacramos[@]gmail[.]com or @jenmacramos if there’s anyone you think I should contact.

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